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a family-owned real estate development company based in Hattiesburg Mississippi founded by Dr. Bennett V. York.

The Developer for Big Bay Lake is Big Bay Lake Development, LLC, whose parent company is York Developments – a Mississippi-based, family-owned real estate development company founded over 45 years ago by Dr. Bennett York, Sr.


York’s three children — the late Bennett York, Jr., Paige York and John York — joined the family Real Estate Development Business in the early 1990s to continue the York legacy of unyielding quality and legendary hustle. With beginnings rooted in Timberland, the York Family has left its mark and signature on thousands of acres and millions of square feet across nearly every Real Estate sector.


Bennett York, Paige York and Casey Tippens have led the family’s community development work with an unyielding passion and vision for place making. Their mission is to create, design and build unique communities that foster a high-quality life full of happiness and well-being. Other planned communities created by York Developments include the award-winning Canebrake, Canebrake Golf Community, Canebrake Country Club and Bellegrass.

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